GUILLERMO SERVENTEOperasyon / Proje Yöneticisi

Experienced Project/Ops Manager and Seismic Operations QC Consultant, with 33 years of seismic operations experience in positions ranging up to Operations Manager carrying out dynamite, vibroseis, air gun (TZ, shallow water and OBC), MT/TDEM surveys in any kind of terrain and environment like desert, jungle, mountain and urban areas and the combination of them. Good knowledge of hard and software of seismic recorders, vibrators electronics, shooting systems, magnetometers, gravimeters, testing instruments for hard and soft (vibs, geophones, etc), computers, workstations, networks, communications and special seismic soft and hard for Quality Control, mapping, pre-plot, processing, etc. Seaman book, sea survival, OPITO, H2S and HUET up to date for offshoreops. Good experience for star ups anywhere.