We, as ACTIVE 2000 CONSULTING & SERVICES located in Diyarbakir, Southeast Turkey, want to make our services known to the humanitarian organisations and oil companies in our region.



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Company Profile

  • Aziz KARAKAŞ
  • Active 2000 Consulting & Logistics
  • Ali Emiri 2. Sok. No:8/B Ali Emiri İlköğr. Okulu Karşısı
  • +90 412 228 26 20
  • +90 412 238 19 19

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About Us

  • We think our relationships and connections in Turkey are strong and persistent, so that in this relationship – oriented market place, we can secure the needed services and goods in short order and good quality.

    We have three companies for these services; ACTIVE 2000 CONSULTING & SERVICES which is specialized on export-import, humanitarian programmes, personnel management etc. BUDAK INTERNATIONAL TRANSPORTATION is specialized only on transportation (trucking) business from Turkey to Middle East countries, CIS countries and The Far East countries. ACTIVE EDUCATION is specialized on all kinds of education and services (Car Rental, hotel reservation, tourism etc.) for our area.

    ACTIVE 2000 CONSULTING & SERVICES has a contract with Türk Telekom A.Ş -the biggest telecommunication firm in Turkey- as SME Sales Channel for more than five years.

    ACTIVE 2000 CONSULTING & SERVICES has business associations with procurement firms for best quality and prices. Zen Container, Öz Yılmaz Machinery, Ferkom Electricity, Site Ticaret (Hardware) are some of them.

    The charter and abilities of ACTIVE 2000 CONSULTING & SERVICES set us up to offer all kinds of services you may need like consulting, procurement, catering, health, transportation, accommodation, customs clearance, personnel and project management, banking etc. ACTIVE 2000 CONSULTING & SERVICES has formed special crews for these services.

    ACTIVE 2000 CONSULTING & SERVICES represents, serves and supplies to UN and large or small NGOs (Non-Governmental Organisation) working in the UN (United Nations) sponsored relief programs in Iraq and other Middle East Countries. This involves a kind of limited implementing partnership for performing Turkish side logistics. We have a warehouse in Dohuk for our operations in Iraq. We have given services to some NGOs and Private Companies in Turkey and Iraq; such as GIZ, MAG, SFL, DANMINAR, ADF/ICSP, ACDI/VOCA, Castle Force, DAI, OFDA, FAO, WFP, UNHCR, UNDP, Mid-Atlantic, Washington Group. We have also served to TPAO, N.V Turkse Perenco and Valeura Energy for important seismic research projects. We trade wheat, barley, lentils, chickpeas, wheat flour, animal food, cotton oil, and we have warehouses for 10,000 MT in Diyarbakir.